Family Law

Marriages and relationships take different paths, and some come to an end.

For whatever reasons a marriage or non-marital relationship may come to an end, we are there to guide you through divorce, the division of assets, spousal support, custody, and child support.

Life is complicated and so is divorce.  With multiple marriages, blended families, and the rise and fall of family business and investment portfolios, you need counsel capable of representing and protecting your personal, property, financial, and business interests.

Despite the end of a relationship, some clients come to us with the expectation that an amicable agreement can likely be reached through the negotiation of a post nuptial agreement for divorce matters or through the negotiation of a consent order for custody and support issues. Others know that a resolution of their disputes will not be achieved without litigation in the Circuit Court or in the Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court. Whatever your circumstance may necessitate, we have the experience to represent your interests through negotiation and litigation.

Shared purpose. Trial tested. Accessible.